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GTLife Puzzle 4

    Great Thinkers Life


    GTLife Puzzle 4
    In the review of GTLife Message, we decided to ask some questions about it. The person that has the highest score will be given airtime of five hundred naira (#500). How to answer the questions: Visit register, login with your details and drop your answers in the comment section of this post, "GTLife Puzzle 4". The post is in the group, "Education". If you already have an account, login directly with your details and post your answers in the comment section.

    Instruction: Answer all questions
    1. "Christianity is the learning, teaching and application of the life style of Christ."
    In which GTLife Message did the statement in quote first appear?
    2. What did you learn from GTLife Message 1:30?
    3. When was GTLife Message 1:5 published?
    4. State the shortest and longest GTLife Messages.
    5. Which GTLife Message addresses the END SARS Protest in Nigeria?
    6. "So live in peace with everyone as you enlighten the world by the power of God which is given to you through Christ Jesus, and it's been directed by the Spirit of God (Ezek. 3:18 - 19, Matt. 6:14, Phil. 4:13, & Acts 1:8)."
    The statement in quote was adapted from a GTLife Message published in the ____ decade of GTLife Message 1.
    7. What is the maximum number of GTLife Messages that can be found in a month?

    Note: Time matters. If two or more persons answer the same questions correctly by using identical terms, only the first person will be awarded.

    Deadline: Saturday, 23rd January, 2021


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