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Great Thinkers Life Book 1 - Trial Version

    Great Thinkers Life

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    Great Thinkers Life Book 1 was published in December 2020, and is the recommended book for the first GTLife Quiz. The prize of the quiz is more than 130USD. Only those who have read the full book can win the prize.

    If you can't download it, register at Click the three horizontal lines (menu icon) at the right top corner of the website. Click on "Activity". Change the activity option from "Show All" to "Show File". Locate the file with the title, "Great Thinkers Life Book 1 - Trial Version". Select it and download.

    GTLife Book 1 is published. A
    man of goodness is surely a man of greatness and of God. Greatness, excellence and influence which come from God are always the best. A life of peace and justice is the kind that guarantees safety and progress in this world. Every successful man has a story to tell; and those who believe in God have the best story to tell. Life has been challenging to many, but those who believe in God are always the best. If I want to advise you about life, I would tell you about two things: God and your future. To be continued in GTLife Book 1. Download a copy of it now.

    Great Thinkers Life (GTLife) was established on 2nd October, 2017, and is a virtuous
    organization. On 10th November, 2020, GTLife website was hosted with an online registration.
    The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of GTLife website is
    GTLife is a community/social network website with scholarly, moral and business
    objectives. GTLife website consists of mail, blog, groups, events, files, pages etc. GTLife
    advertises legal business for people all over the world at an affordable price. To know the
    advertising price of GTLife, please visit GTLife website through the URL given above.
    For about three years, GTLife has taught over 100,000 persons vital lessons in Spiritual
    and humanitarian affairs. It has contributed to the moral development of people in many
    countries of the world. We have about 1,000 likes and 1,000 followers on our Facebook page,
    'Great Thinkers Life' – URL:
    GTLife works with the wisdom of God, accompanied by the words of the inventors
    known worldwide for their contributions to globalization, education, industrialization and
    business. These include scientists, engineers, technologists, artists, professors and other persons
    that are regarded as geniuses. Our Spiritual thoughts are guided by the Holy Spirit and church
    leaders. You can advertise legal products and services with us. GTLife does not discriminate
    between churches; instead it ensures that all Christians have access to learn more about Christ. It
    also provides a medium for people of other religions to seek God in a deeper dimension under
    the umbrella of Christianity. Apart from the issue of religion, our goal is to live like the great
    thinkers whose thoughts and teachings formed the foundation of morality, civilization and
    education. That is why our organization is called “Great Thinkers Life”.
    GTLife is a virtuous enterprise which operates on different arms of business, including
    education, science, technology, art etc. The three categories of book attributed to GTLife are
    GTLife Book, GTLife Message and GTLife Novel.



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