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GTLife Message 1:34

    Great Thinkers Life

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    GTLife Message 1:34
    Theme: Christendom
    Text: 1 Thesal. 4:8
    Date: Sunday, 24th January, 2021

    Good day pals.
    In this section, I shall reveal some vital tips about dignity to man. Many people cause disrespect for themselves as a result of their immoral deeds. I would like to underscore some of the facts that ruin the dignity of man.

    1. INDECENT DRESSING: Many immoral people end up inflicting disgrace on themselves by their so-called modernized dressing. Whether before, now or in the future, men are too precious to crown themselves with immoral dressing. I pity some religions/religious organisations that support such trash. That is quite uncalled for. No wonder why people are deeply trapped by insult. The outward appearance of a man represents him in aspects of religion and personality; so people show themselves by how they dress - not necessarily the quality of clothes, but the kind of clothes. People of God should differentiate themselves from people of the world. A man of God is greater than a million men of the world.

    2. EMPTY PROMISE: Pride misleads people into promising beyond their capacity. My question concerning this has been, "Why must we lie to ourselves?" It is better to say nothing and later do good than to make a lot of fake promises. I cannot tell you exactly what you will become if you continue to make empty promises. But at least remember that you will reap whatever you sow. So then, grow deep in Christ as you disappoint Satan and his fake lifestyle.

    3. REPUTATION: The Bible has made it clear in Prov. 22:1: "If you have to choose between a good reputation and great wealth, choose a good reputation.". So then, in any means you are to make it in life, never disregard your reputation in the society. But many have been misled by Satanic strategy into becoming a rag in God's sight just because they want to be rich. *God is great. Never forget Him so that He will never forget you.*

    May God be with you forever.


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