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GTLife Message Vol 1 (46)

    Great Thinkers Life

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    GTLife Message Vol 1 (46)
    Theme: Christendom
    Text: James 1:27
    Date: Sunday, 18th April, 2021

    Good day pals.
    Good life brings long life. And good people live even when they die. Until a man becomes generous, he has nothing to testify about God. Many pretend to love their neighbours when they are not in need of their help. But when their help is needed, they relent. Many laugh at you while you think they laugh with you.

    The life that God wants man to live is that which indicates goodness. Anyone who acknowledges that God is his creator must give honour to Him and obey His commandments. Giving and receiving is a principal attribute of love. And we must be ready to show love at all times, regardless of what others do. Hatred is expressed in the form of grudges or enmity which leads to stinginess. Those who keep grudges are not children of God. If you can remember the evil people do, while not remember the good they do as well, and use it is as a reason to forgive them?

    May God be with you forever.


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