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GTLife Message Vol 1 (44)

    Great Thinkers Life

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    GTLife Message Vol 1 (44)
    Theme: Christendom
    Text: Matt. 26:48
    Date: Sunday, 4th April, 2021

    Good day pals.
    For over two thousand years, Christ has been celebrated by majority of the believers. We have no doubt about his Messiahship for this cannot be repeated several times by billions of great minds, if it is not true. Even if his Messiahship does not exist in heaven exactly as it appears to Christians, at least for the fact that numerous great minds celebrate his death and resurrection over and over again, and follow his teachings with evidently successful life, we celebrate him today as our Lord and Saviour.

    The third Number of this Volume of GTLife Message was referenced to a vital portion of the Holy Bible, which forms the foundation of Christianity. The theme of this Volume is Christendom. Hence, the indispensability of that portion of the Holy Bible led to its recapitulation in the twenty-second Number of this Volume. We are therefore unbiased about our knowledge of Christ. Without hesitation or flattery, by taking a third emphacy on that same verse, "Luke 24:47", we have come to make another declaration that our Saviour, Jesus Christ came to and was able to save us. Those who disbelieve are still babies and must admit that our teaching came from God.

    Suppose every believer is allowed to brainstorm on the solution to the trending problems in the world, I have no doubt to predict that his or her opinion would lie within two factors - repentance and forgiveness. As for the unbelievers, their thoughts are in darkness. The day they will see light is the day they will begin to make righteous judgment. Light who we work with is the creator of heaven and earth, as discussed in the three monotheistic religions. Righteousness is of course, the complementary and essential quality of the unbelievers, which match the situation that befalls them. Repentance is the first stage of transformation to true life - life of a believer. Hence, the Son of God began with it (Matt. 4:17). To the best of my knowledge about the Holy Qur'an, the teaching of Jesus Christ was accepted in it with a genuine heart, but restricted to his Lordship and salvation. Today is the celebration of his death and resurrection, which marks his salvation for us. The salvation is sure for those who believe. Although, the same salvation has been accepted by Muslims in other way - through the direct worship of God. But God who is invisible has made himself known to us through Christ (John 1:18). This is the greatest argument about the Christian doctrine. Well! I am not to judge any religion, but to inform the world that Christ is not a human being, and great regard must be given to him. All I care is that the name and teaching of Christ become valid and veritable forever. That notwithstanding, this Number harmonizes the three monotheistic religions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam. To all those who believe, I send a warm greeting about salvation, the principal event of today. Judaistic, Christian and Islamic beliefs intersect at the point of the existence of heaven; although each has its own doctrine about the same topic, "Heaven". Nevertheless, the only famous everlasting relationship between them is salvation. And this can be achieved by the second mission of Christ - forgiveness (Matt. 6:14 - 15). Forgiveness, one of the characteristics of love, is a remarkable quality of a believer (1 Cor. 13:5). A large proportion of Christians are yet to demonstrate it. Today being their greatest celebration, I write to inform them about the paramountcy of it. In fact, everyone should learn it. Christ died to deliver us from our sins - forgiveness (Matt. 26:28). And teaching about forgiveness was one of his missions (Matt. 18:21 - 22, Matt. 5:43 - 48 & Luke 24:47). Therefore, until people learn forgiveness, they have no say about their knowledge of Christ.

    Refusal to forgive is a very serious problem, which causes limitation of the Spiritual life of a man (Matt. 6:14 - 15). The worse part is that there are many repented souls who can't easily forgive. There is a need for them to change their mindset to a better lifestyle. Those who want to learn forgiveness should restrict their thoughts to about heaven and be consistent with prayer. Let them look up to Christ and perpetuate on his lifestyle: he gave his life for our sake, as a result of his love for us, so we too should be ready to forgive and demonstrate other attributes of love to one another on every occasion.

    Those who make themselves servants of God either through Christ or not will have no regret on the last day, inasmuch as they offer genuine worship to God.

    Prayer Points
    1. May God give me the faith to overcome any form of temptation that I may encounter in life.
    2. May God make me excell beyond my expectation
    3. May God give me the wisdom to understand the impact of salvation and follow the teachings of Christ.
    4. May today bring an end to all my problems as I celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ.
    5. May God give me a heart of love to live the kind of Christ's life.
    6. May God give me the grace to accept and evangelize the missions of Christ.
    7. May God accept me in His Kingdom on the judgement day.

    These and many other blessings I ask through Jesus Christ our Lord; amen.

    Happy Easter everyone.

    May God be with you forever.


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