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GTLife Message 1:43

    Great Thinkers Life

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    GTLife Message 1:43
    Theme: Christendom
    Text: Heb. 11:6
    Date: Sunday, 28th March, 2021

    Good day pals.
    The moment you begin to have doubts about your prayer, God will cease to answer that prayer of yours. God is faithful, so those who come to Him must be faithful as well. Faith constitutes a large proportion of righteousness. By believing wholeheartedly that God will provide solution to your problem either by what you think or by other means, a good relationship is established between you and God, because it gives Him assurance that he is your only God, as he commanded (Exd. 20:3). It also gives Him a great regard of your thought about Him.

    Abraham together with his wife, even at old age, did not lose hope about child birth. At the end, God gave them Isaac. So, in whatever condition you are, acknowledge the life God has given to you and worship Him wholeheartedly. Always give thanks to Him because certain things occur for God to know the strength of our faith. Also, keep on praying for prayer is always a way of getting God's attention (Jude verse 20).

    Consider the case of Job, a faithful servant of God who suffered merely as a result of the test from Satan. In every occasion in life, our faith does not fail us, because God who we look up to is success. And so, Job's story ended with great success.

    Those who pray without having their requests granted are wrong in any of these ways:

    1. Praying without faith
    2. Praying with unclean hearts
    3. Asking for too many things from God
    4. Misunderstanding the will of God about them

    *Many Godly people benefit from their good behaviors beginning from this world. Some Godly people do not benefit from their good behaviors in this world. But there is no Godly person whose story is a tragic one.*

    May God be with you forever.


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