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GTLife Message 1:39

    Great Thinkers Life

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    GTLife Message 1:39
    Theme: Christendom
    Text: Ezek. 3:18
    Date: Sunday, 28th February, 2021

    Good day pals.
    Failure to be informed causes deformation, and many have fallen victim of it. Those who know the right things but fail to do so are to blame. Men should be their brothers' keepers for no one is perfect, and you gain if you are in the side of help, but loose if otherwise. *Helping others costs you time and mind, and give you life;  but failure to do so costs you life.*

    Every believer should make himself available to rectify errors in the society. One may be wrong just because of ignorance. Imagine people inscribe on notice boards, "Sales representatives are wanted". Their intention is to write, "Sales representatives are needed". Such people ought to be corrected, if there is opportunity for that. Those who mock them without correting them cause God's judgement on themselves. A man gave himself the nickname, "Condemn" and ended up dying within few years. He wanted to call himself, "Agent of Condemnation." I tell you that those who did not make necessary corrections due to wickedness have their own judgement to face on the last day. Neither Condemn nor Agent of Condemnation is a good name.

    Today, many are yet to understand the things of God. First and foremost, those who are baptised are the children of God. Secondly, in all that you do, you should make your decision to please God, and not to please anyone. Certainly, there is no particular way of serving God (1 Cor. 12:5). But if all you do is to please God, consider yourself a child of God. Lastly, remember to ask God for forgiveness whenever you are to pray. Those who are ready to work for God should be ready to win soul for him, and not for church. Devotion of your time and mind is requisite for this; and preaching to people can be done in different ways as God blesses you in different ways. But in all that you do, have a cheerful heart. *Deep criticism is akin to hatred, but slight one is akin to love.*

    May God be with you forever.


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