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What is GTLife Message?

    Great Thinkers Life

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    What is GTLife Message?

    What is GTLife Message?

    GTLife Message is a life giving message. It’s a first class and first hand message. It explains complicated issues in religions and other  aspects of life: it’s an expansion of GTLife Book – inspirational book. Both GTLife Book and GTLife Message are made up of true life stories.

    Each of the GTLife Messages consists of 52 sections, and each section is published weekly at GTLife Facebook page and GTLife website; it's reference to one Bible verse. The first GTLife Message was published on 7th June, 2020. That was the time of lockdown – caused by corona virus – when everyone was at home.

    At the end of each of the 52 set of GTLife sections of Message, they are compiled as a book and published at GTLife website. You can check the files in GTLife website to find out when a new GTLife Message (book) is published.

    GTLife Message aims at providing
    (i) relevant ingredients for the Spiritual growth of people in support of religious messages and
    (ii) large proportion of inspirational quotes.

    In a nullshell, the aim of GTLife Message is to reconcile the missing link between all Monotheistic religions and to bring God closer to all other religions.

    GTLife Book 1 can be downloaded through the link below:

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